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Hello and welcome to my blog! I am a camera enthusiast. Not just photography but all aspects of cameras including security as well as all the latest gadgets! I love trying new products and come from a very technical background. I’ll be trying to share my knowledge and hope to help out with as many aspects as possible involving cameras, whatever you may be trying to do! I get a lot of my security camera knowledge and ‘expertise’ if you will from Supreme Security Cameras, who are a really great site that was created by a man named Rex. He has provided very detailed and accurate reviews of the latest security gadgets and advancements in the security system area.

For the past 10 years I have been using Canon products and lenses but as of last year I switched my whole set up to Sony. I was a bit weary of doing this but Sony have so many great products, camera bodies and lenses and are a lot more affordable AND are a lot lighter to lug around. I travel a lot for work which is why this was an important feature. As you can probably guess from my introduction that I also have a lot of home security cameras and nifty gadgets to guard my home and family when I am away too but let’s save that for another post.

Current Camera Body:

I am using the Sony A7ii body which is a full frame, mirror less camera. The camera also has a 42Mega pixel exmor CMOS Sensor, BIONZ X Image Processor and one of my favorite features is the 4K video. This camera has built in stabilization making it easy to get footage without having to worry about a gimbal. It has 399 phase detect Auto Focus points and 5 frames per second in burst mode- excellent for action shots! So those are my favorite features of the camera body so lets move onto the lenses I use at present.

My Top 2 Camera Lenses:

Macro lens – This is my newest lens and I absolutely love it. It is the Sony FE 90mm f2.8 Macro G OSS Lens and is a full frame format or E-Mount lens. The aperture is still crystal clear at a f stop of 2.8 but can be used all the way up to f 22 making this a great all rounder. I particularly enjoy capturing the bees in the garden and other little insects, I find their bodies, eyes, wings and legs absolutely fascinating to look at up close. This lens has a 1:1 magnification ratio and internal focus. It has steady shot stabilization as well as an easy slide image stabilization.

Nifty 50 – This is the nickname I have given to the Sony FE 50mm f/1.8 lens that I tend to use quite a lot. I love how beautifully this lens takes portrait shots. You can buy a 50mm lens for any camera – if you don’t have a full frame camera then there is a cheaper option for a 50mm lens. I personally think every photographer should have one!!

These are my absolutely favorite lenses to use at the moment but I’ll be sure to share any new ones I buy. I find that the macro and nifty 50 cover just about everything I want to take pictures of. Although I would love to buy myself a lens for astro photography as I live in a part of the World with very minimal light pollution and the night sky looks incredible!

Anyway, thanks for coming along and reading my blog! I hope you find it helpful in some way or another.

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