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Any new dads out there? My wife gave birth to our first child in June last year and I felt it was my responsibility to search for the best baby monitor out. I was recommended a few different monitors but I am from a very technical background so I wanted to find the very best of the best!

What To Look For When Searching For A Baby Monitor

There are SO many baby monitors on the market that I wanted to narrow my results down by a few key features. Everybody has different needs but I have put together a general list of things you could consider. These include:

  • Do you want a color screen?
  • Would you want a screen that pans and tilts?
  • How good do you want the image quality
  • Night vision capabilities?
  • Two-way audio?
  • Smartphone application or via a monitor?

When you start to search the list above becomes even bigger so it’s even harder to make the right choice. I spent hours reading customer reviews and if there are key features you don’t want to miss then I suggest you do the same. Don’t get stuck on the negatives though, be sure to read the positives too! A great place to read honest, quality and comprehensive reviews is the Best Video Baby Monitor post my friend Rex shared, he is a father himself a few times over and has done his research. He has included quite detailed reviews with key features, pros and cons for the top 5 baby monitors on the market at the moment. Supreme Security Cameras has also delved a bit deeper into the whole what to look for section as well.

My Baby Monitor

After much thought and deliberation I purchased the Infant Optics DXR-8 Video Baby Monitor. I know this is one of the most bought baby monitors on the market but from what I could see it deserves to be in number one position!

What Do I like about it?

There are a few things I like about it but let’s start with the interchangeable lenses. The product comes a normal lens and a zoom lens and I will also purchase a wide lens for when bubs is moving and walking around. I used the zoom lens when we first came home with bubs because it can easily zoom in and show the chest rising and falling. I was a bit skeptical that the zoom lens would become pixelated upon zooming in but it remains quite clear and focused.

The video is a real time stream and the monitor that came with it is a 3.5 inch LCD color display. I don’t think color is really that important so this wasn’t something I was super interested in. But the image and video quality is exceptional so myself and my wife are happy with that.

The battery is relatively long lasting, the company say up to 10hrs in power saving mode but I get closer to 5hrs. Maybe because its my first and I am a bit paranoid.

Infant Optics also has a temperature display which shows the room temperature in the nursery. It also has two way audio which is great for soothing bubs when they wake before myself or my wife can get there.

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