Doorbell Cameras – My Favorite Stealth Security Camera!

Have you ever had a delivery or package stolen from your doorstep? Had mail go missing? Well, let me tell you you are not the only one! There is a quick fix to this problem though so read on for more!

What is a Doorbell Camera?

Exactly as the name suggests in the area where you have a doorbell there is also a camera fixed onto the device. Whenever someone pushes the button it also alerts you or your smartphone there is someone at the door and shows a picture of who. You can even communicate through the doorbell if you desire, even if you aren’t home! You can remotely check in, answer the door or communicate with the mail man and let them know where you want to your package or mail placed! Have I convinced you to buy one yet?

Which Doorbell Camera Do I have?

I’m glad you asked. I recently upgraded my doorbell security system from the Ring Doorbell to the Ring Video Doorbell Pro and I am so happy I did! If you are looking for a doorbell market and aren’t convinced from my advice and purchase alone then I highly recommend reading the Best Doorbell Camera Reviews at Supreme Security Cameras to narrow down which doorbell you would like to buy. There are comprehensive reviews including the pros and cons of the most popular and arguably the best doorbell video cameras on the market.

What Do I Love about the Ring Video Doorbell Pro?

This video doorbell is a bit more expensive than their first and most popular doorbell camera but it’s worth it if you ask me. I have this connected to my iPhone and my wife has an android- it also works on her phone. All you need is wifi connectivity or your mobile data and you can tune in and check out your front door whenever you please.

This camera also has motion detection and will start recording and notify you from the moment it detects anything. Yes sometimes this includes the neighbors walking past but I would rather it be super sensitive than not at all.

I particularly like the nigh vision on offer and find the infrareds provide clear footage. It automatically flicks over to infrared when the lighting is low so even early morning or before sunset the doorbell camera is still very clear.

There is also two way audio which is great for if a stranger approaches but you aren’t home. You can pretend you are if you so desire. They can also speak to you, something I do with the mail man and delivery man.

The only downside I have found with this doorbell video camera is that the audio can seem quite low at times even if I have it turned up on full. It hasn’t been too big of an issue though but if I had to pick a fault, that would be it!

My doorbell video camera was actually my first purchase in terms of home security and it has grown rapidly since then!!

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